"Animation One on One" with PopWilly Productions


"Animation One on One" with PopWilly Productions


The "Animation One on One" is LIVE Tutoring that gives the aspiring animator dedicated time with professional animators. Enjoy 1 hour slots of uninterrupted time that provides you with close instruction and detailed feedback.

If you want a bit of extra help to keep you inspired and push your work, the "Animation One on One" may be the right thing for you.


- Live interaction with the teacher

- Working in the actual shot together

- Drawover work to help you find appeal in your posing

- Step by Step Instruction

- Recorded lectures for your personal use



Go to the About page and drop us an email. We would like to know a bit about you, your goals as an animator, and a link to the shot or piece you would like help with. This extra step ensures that you will be getting the desired time you want.

Once the time is arranged with the instructor, you will be confirmed to fill out the form below and taken to the payment area that will secure your specialized *session time.

*note: all sessions are subject to availability. PLEASE DO NOT PAY BEFORE SPEAKING WITH US DIRECTLY

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Why Tutoring?

Tutoring provides personalized, one on one attention.  Offers at your own pace learning. Encourages higher levels of learning and helps sharpen your attention to details. Tutoring also helps you understand the concepts behind what you are working on so that the problem solving becomes something that you reach on your own in various animation situations.