• This was some test animation I did to explore the Hook Hand character rig from Tangled.  Although the posing for him I did in this shot was a bit 'elegant' ... I had fun exploring the idea that he might be a bit dainty compared to the others. 

Although it was a test, I spent time on crafting the poses and having fun with some ideas that "could" go in the film if the directors liked it.  

• I will add more to this section as I continue to compile workflow demonstrations for upcoming and current projects.  The items below were for personal exploration as well as research & development.  The reference items that are included were used over the years to enhance my understanding of various types of motion and performances. 

•Horse Blocking: Study of Horse Movements

•Character Blocking: Walking to Goofy Motion

•Planning to Polish: Animation Exercise for Educational Video

•Progression of an Animated Shot: Mother Gothel & Rapunzel

•Prep & Landing - Operation Secret Santa: Comparison for Personal Reference